El Señorío de Sulco

Located in an old house in neo classical style, this restaurant recreates the history of Peruvian cuisine in all its diversity. The owner Isabel Alvarez, is an anthropologist, who has written several cookbooks aiming at preserving the authenticity of Peruvian cooking. The menu is a collection of creations of Executive Chef Flavio Solorzano Alvarez, son of Isabel Alvarez. Native dishes, some of which had been forgotten for generations can be found in the menu or the Creole buffet. Not only the ingredients are typical Peruvian but also the dining room walls decorated with fine ceramics, weavings and antique cooking vessels. The atmosphere is enhanced by the lovely ocean view.

La Rosa Nautica

This unique restaurant in Victorian-style is set on the water with views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the cliffs and provides the scenic location to drink a toast to a memorable trip in Peru. The restaurant's four dining areas, and its cozy bar ‘El Espigón’, rising from the midst of the ocean, allow the visitor to enjoy a magical experience, which can only be possible in a place of fantasy, capriciously constructed in the middle of the sea. The menu that features both Peruvian and international cuisine. Still, it is its refined seafood cuisine this restaurant is famous for.

La Huaca Pucllana

This restaurant is set in archaeological complex Huaca Pucllana, whose highlight is an adobe pyramid built with small handmade, sun-dried brick 1500 years ago. “La Huaca” is definetely a unique place to taste the most popular specialties of Peruvian cuisine. The main dining room, featuring a mix of rustic colonial and minimalist décor, is a cozy place to dine. Still, the best spot for superb views of the illuminated pyramid is surely the covered terrace.

Café del Museo

This small and stylish gourmet restaurant is set in the quiet garden of the Larco Herrera Museum. The Peruvian menu, created by one of Peru’s most renowned chefs, Gaston Acurio, preserves the authenticity of Peruvian dishes but combines them with contemporary techniques. Experience yourself in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere why the Peruvian cuisine has been rated by The Economist among the 12 top cuisines worldwide and why gourmets consider Peru as El Dorado of culinary art in Latin America.

Astrid & Gaston

This restaurant has become the gem of the Peruvian culinary scene. Business people and Lima VIPs flock to the restaurant to enjoy contemporary Peruvian food made with fresh ingredients that are gathered from across the country. Gaston Acurio and Astrid Gutsche, both Cordon Bleu chefs, style up classic Peruvian dishes to modern standards with international tastes. The wine list is one of the best in town and the menu of spectacular desserts, the work of Astrid, is nearly as long as the main course menu. The bar has an amazing assortment of Piscos and Pisco cocktails, making it a good idea to arrive in advance for an exciting aperitif. The restaurant is lovely, with high white peaked ceilings, polished wood floors and walls covered with original artwork.

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